Case Studies

Johanna Benn

Year of training with AMP SCITT: 2016-17

Current job title: Teacher of Mathematics, Second in Mathematics (Mat cover), PSHE & Citizenship Coordinator

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and after extensive research found that AMP SCITT was the right programme for me. I was keen to be part of this SCITT Programme as it threw me in at the deep end and allowed me to be immersed in the school environment from day one. I relocated from the South of England to Merseyside in order to complete my teacher training year. I was made to feel very welcome, despite being new to the area and settled in extremely well. The Initial Teacher Training programme gave me the opportunity to train and work in two contrasting schools providing me with experience of a range of challenges both academic and pastoral. Both the schools that I trained in had strong pastoral structures which developed my interest in this side of school life.

Since qualifying, I have been responsible for a tutor group and by invitation of a member of the SLT, I am taking part in the Middle Leadership Development Programme in order to pursue a pastoral leadership role. In September 2018, I was also appointed as Second in Mathematics as well as PSHE & Citizenship Coordinator. These were opportunities that I actively sought to broaden my teaching and leadership experience.

I am a keen traveller and have been fortunate enough to have taken part in two foreign residential trips in my NQT year, one educational, one active. Residential trips allow you to build on the fundamental relationships with your students and peers. Teaching has also allowed me to take my enthusiasm for mathematics one step further by attending conferences and workshops throughout the country, with the added benefit of networking with other secondary mathematics teachers.

AMP SCITT was key in building my confidence as well as core knowledge and provided a very supportive and encouraging environment. I am still in touch with members of the AMP SCITT team, teachers at my placement schools and other trainee teachers. I look forward to taking everything that I learned during this time forward to my career in education.

Dr Catherine Perkins

Year of training with AMP SCITT: 2013-14

Current job title: Assistant Director of Learning, Science at Deyes High School/Expert Practitioner for AMP SCITT

I started my teacher training at Deyes High School in September 2013. The first clear benefit of the course was being in school from the first day of the academic year, gaining an immediate insight into what teaching involves and attending INSET days with the whole teaching staff, followed by meeting the pupils in my classes in their first lesson. The incredible support from teaching staff both within and outside of the faculty was continued throughout the year. There were often opportunities to engage with other trainee teachers alongside more experienced members of staff from other departments in classroom based research and peer observations, which had a big impact on professional development, especially in behaviour management and teaching and learning. During my teaching training year I was offered the opportunity to take part in classroom-based research with CUREE, with a focus of stretch and challenge of the more able; the research was published in TES earlier this year.

The CPD programme, which was delivered by outstanding teachers from Deyes High School and other schools linked to the teacher training programme addressed AfL, assessment, teaching and learning, BfL, SEN, more able and many other topics, which encouraged and promoted constant reflection leading to an improvement in my own practice throughout the academic year. I would recommend the SCITT programme as learning in a school setting allows for a greater insight into the day to day running of the school day, allows for the formation of closer and more consistent relationships with pupils for the duration of the school year and continued reflection and improvement with the same set of pupils. I secured a job at Deyes High School for my NQT year, during which I was promoted to Head of Chemistry in March 2015.

In 2017, Catherine completed her NPQSL Qualification and now leads across Science.

Jack Backhouse

Year of training with AMP SCITT: 2016-17

Current job title: Head of Year 7, Childwall Sports & Science Academy

After finishing my teacher training with AMP SCITT I was employed by Formby High School as a teacher of Physical Education. I really enjoyed my time there, building on my strong teaching and learning foundation which I had developed on the SCITT programme.

An opportunity arose during my NQT year at one of my previous SCITT placement schools. The opportunity was Head of Year 7. After interviewing against a number of experienced teachers I was the successful candidate. A number of people advised that it may be too early to take on such a role, however the staff at AMP SCITT and Childwall Sports & Science Academy believed in me and I am delighted to say I am just days away from completing my NQT year.

I am now responsible for 360 students, for the safety, well-being and behaviour of 180 year 7 students, whilst also co-ordinating the transition programme for the 180 year 6 students who will be joining us the following year. The role is understandably challenging but it is a role that is very rewarding.

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed” – Believe in the students, they will achieve and you will succeed together!

My aspirations are now to consolidate myself as a Head of Year whilst further developing our current transition programme. I aspire to be a future school leader and in particular taking responsibility for pastoral care and welfare of students as this is where my passion lies.

You can fast track your teaching career to achieve what you want! Do not compare to what everybody else is doing, you know yourself best.

Good luck, I look forward to meeting the AMP SCITT 2018 cohort soon.

Samuel Ballantyne,
Career Changer

Year of training with AMP SCITT: 2015

Having had a 8-year career in the retail industry, I made the decision to focus on a career change and strive to become a Computer Science teacher. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my previous work and had progressed quickly, the role was not rewarding and provided little variation, hence the decision to change career and enter the teaching profession.
I graduated from University with a BA Hons in Criminology and applied for graduate jobs when I began the first chapter of my career with Marks and Spencer plc. This experience was crucial in forming my philosophy on leadership and personal development. I endeavoured to build up a range of competencies that I could use to influence my own performance and the performance of those around me. I was able to further develop these skills for Apple Retail Inc when I was recruited to be an Expert in the Liverpool branch. Having enjoyed the experience and being sure to capitalise on every training opportunity I was keen to move the skills I had acquired and use them for something far more positive and rewarding.

In 2017, Sam successfully completed his NQT year and continues to be an inspirational teacher.

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I definitely made the right decision – the staff are so supportive and being trained by experienced teachers really makes a difference.  

Starting from Day one I was placed in my Primary school – this is definitely the best way to learn – I feel so confident and love the fact I know the students, staff and parents and it’s not even Christmas! 

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